Review Request 127157: Prevent array access with negativ index

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Tue Mar 1 19:10:56 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Edu.


Submitted with commit a8af50583572e947b31a959797eb9bd06456ef06 by Andreas Cord-Landwehr on behalf of Hartmut Riesenbeck to branch master.

Repository: parley


To adjust the practice date of expired entries
in EntryFilter::expireEntries() the expire item
time was read from the Prefs object. When grade
of the expired item was 1, the argument of
Prefs::expireItem() became -1. This resulted in
an access of an C array with negativ index in
Prefs::expireItem(). For grade 2 the prefs value
was not defined in the config file - zero was
returned by default. For this two cases the
practice date was set to current time as a
defined state.


  src/collection/entryfilter.cpp 5264226 




Hartmut Riesenbeck

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