Review Request 128177: Use Education instead of Edutainment consistently on

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Tue Jun 14 05:01:19 UTC 2016

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(Updated Juni 14, 2016, 5:01 vorm.)

Review request for KDE Edu and Luigi Toscano.


fix typo spotted by Albert

Repository: edu-kde-org


wcgrep -i edutainment websites/edu-kde-org/|grep -v i18n|wc -l -> 15 hits
wcgrep -i education websites/edu-kde-org/|grep -v i18n|wc -l -> 132 hits

Diffs (updated)

  applications/apps/kwordquiz_generated.json 875f012 
  cantor/news.rdf 05b3dc6 
  contrib/kvtml2/index.php ade1b78 
  contrib/kvtml2/kvtml2.php e4c280c 
  khangman/news.rdf 8feaf38 
  ktouch/news.rdf d975f44 
  kturtle/news.rdf 091fd0b 
  kverbos/news.rdf 4712ad1 
  kwordquiz/news.rdf e6f0904 
  marble/news.rdf c996d7f 
  news.rdf ba03f3c 
  parley/news.rdf 30f7224 
  rocs/news.rdf b4255d9 
  step/news.rdf 2dccb3d 




Burkhard Lück

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