Review Request 127561: Prevent string cropping in bar widget and make practice button visible

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Sat Jun 4 09:54:49 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Edu.


Submitted with commit 56b75e1de8a1b5ee8a5ccb15b4113e02cc2ef084 by Dimitris Kardarakos to branch master.

Repository: parley


In dashboard page, a couple of issues have been identified in collection widget.
1. When the translation of string "%1 word due" is slightly longer than the English one or %1 is a large number, string is cropped.
2. Practice button does not seem clickable, using the default breeze theme and reference theme of parley. Even worse, when breeze dark is used, due to the forcibly white background of collection widget, practice button text is unreadable.
I have addressed these issues by:
- Changing bar widget size to 2-lines, increasing also slightly the width of the collection widget
- Wrapping the text of bar widget
- Restoring theme colors to practice button (background was set to white due to collection widget white background)


  src/dashboard/barwidget.cpp 61b6e43 
  src/dashboard/collectionwidget.cpp 7925871 



Checked bar widget string presentation as well as practice button visibility using combinations of the following:

- Plasma Breeze (default) theme
- Plasma Breeze Dark theme
- Parley default theme
- Parley bees theme

File Attachments

Dashboard (before patch)
Dashboard (after patching)


Dimitris Kardarakos

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