Review Request 128752: Mark invalid entries during practice and enable fixing in editor

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Thu Aug 25 09:54:31 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Edu.


Short demo of functionality

Bugs: 170534

Repository: parley


During practicing, users may stumble upon an invalid entry
(typo, wrong match, etc). To enable users to timely handle these entries, in
practice main window, a new button (Invalid Entry) has been added. As soon as
users click on it, the current entry is set as invalid (deactivated), it is
excluded from the practice as well as from future practices. Session flow
moves on to the next entry.After the completion of the practice (or later)
users may navigate to the editor so as to fix invalid entries. These entries
can be identified by their negative (red) color. In Edit menu, a new action
to toggle activation status has been added. User may select a single or more
entries and toggle their activation status after fixing them. Valid entries'
color is set to non-negative again.


  src/collection/entryfilter.cpp a68c30d 
  src/collection/testentry.h a43eb6f 
  src/collection/testentry.cpp 3e152f1 
  src/collection/vocabularymodel.cpp 582701b 
  src/editor/editorui.rc c9c928e 
  src/editor/vocabularyview.h 3730508 
  src/editor/vocabularyview.cpp 2760c06 
  src/practice/abstractfrontend.h f5f9552 
  src/practice/guifrontend.cpp 4ee6348 
  src/practice/practice_mainwindow.ui 00864ac 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.h b67ba32 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.cpp bc03ffe 



Start practice
Mark 1st entry as invalid
Mark 2nd entry as invalid
Continue and finish
View summary (the invalids are marked as unanswered)
Open editor
Fix an invalid entry
Toggle activation status (so as to be included to future practices)

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Short demo of the functionality


Dimitris Kardarakos

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