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Fri Sep 11 17:05:48 UTC 2015


Build URL:,compiler=gcc/59/
Project: PLATFORM=Linux,compiler=gcc
Date of build: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 16:49:45 +0000
Build duration: 9 min 41 sec

Revision aa9f92339e9bd67789b9137b962d426ea55e2e4c by mutlaqja: (Check remote aux4 device as well)
  change: edit kstars/ekos/ekosmanager.cpp
Revision 27a84247ded94a660fb4661fe3bfc3aa46449ad7 by mutlaqja: (Make Ekos scheduler options for pre-emptive shutdown, lead and pre-dawn)
  change: edit kstars/indi/clientmanager.cpp
  change: edit kstars/ekos/scheduler.h
  change: edit kstars/ekos/opsekos.ui
  change: edit kstars/ekos/scheduler.ui
  change: edit kstars/ekos/scheduler.cpp
  change: edit kstars/kstars.kcfg
Revision 57999d79c0b861baa18333bc9e6f907b0a39134f by mutlaqja: (Use KDE KNotification system instead of playing sounds directly via a)
  change: edit kstars/indi/clientmanager.h
  change: edit kstars/ekos/align.cpp
  change: edit kstars/ekos/capture.cpp
  change: add kstars/data/KDE-KStars-Alert.ogg
  change: edit CMakeLists.txt
  change: edit kstars/ekos/scheduler.cpp
  change: edit kstars/indi/indiccd.cpp
  change: edit kstars/data/CMakeLists.txt
  change: add kstars/kstars.notifyrc
  change: edit kstars/ekos/focus.cpp
  change: edit kstars/ekos/opsekos.ui
  change: delete kstars/auxiliary/ksnotify.h
  change: add kstars/data/KDE-KStars-Warning.ogg
  change: edit kstars/indi/indilistener.cpp
  change: edit kstars/CMakeLists.txt
  change: edit kstars/ekos/ekosmanager.cpp
  change: edit kstars/ekos/guide/rcalibration.cpp
  change: delete kstars/data/ekos-fits.ogg
  change: delete kstars/data/ekos-error.ogg
  change: edit kstars/indi/clientmanager.cpp
  change: edit kstars/indi/guimanager.cpp
  change: edit kstars/ekos/guide/guider.cpp
  change: edit kstars/kstars.kcfg
  change: delete kstars/data/ekos-ok.ogg
  change: edit kstars/ekos/mount.cpp
  change: delete kstars/auxiliary/ksnotify.cpp
  change: edit kstars/indi/driverinfo.h
  change: edit kstars/indi/servermanager.cpp
  change: edit kstars/indi/driverinfo.cpp
Revision cee89a5d1aa0872d3d90e411a450da49baa1e567 by yurchor: (Fix typos)
  change: edit kstars/ekos/opsekos.ui

Name: (root) Failed: 0 test(s), Passed: 1 test(s), Skipped: 0 test(s), Total: 1 test(s)


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