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Thu Sep 10 13:46:33 UTC 2015


Build URL:,compiler=gcc/160/
Project: PLATFORM=Linux,compiler=gcc
Date of build: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 12:06:19 +0000
Build duration: 21 min

Revision d9aa43e3a9deb7971963898cd589f5b53d38ff72 by nienhueser: (Export classes used in plugins (MSVC))
  change: edit src/lib/marble/routing/RouteRequest.cpp
  change: edit src/lib/marble/geodata/writer/GeoTagWriter.h
  change: edit src/lib/marble/osm/OsmPlacemarkData.h
Revision 28ca41eaf308488fa77f4a21892d9858bb8a73ae by nienhueser: (Fix commit 0aefbaf, which caused no plugins to be found at runtime)
  change: edit CMakeLists.txt
Revision 4dd9180ce6e3769b1cf232978c186b595e7db2ea by torsten.rahn: (Remove null image warnings and show bus stops.)
  change: edit src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataIconStyle.cpp
  change: edit src/lib/marble/GeoDataTreeModel.cpp
  change: edit src/lib/marble/osm/OsmPresetLibrary.cpp
Revision 87394d1791b13fc2366e18425dbfd91f07ae5dae by sitter: (do not install extra license files)
  change: edit data/CMakeLists.txt
  change: delete data/licenses/lgpl2.txt
  change: edit CMakeLists.txt
Revision 319b43f2ab2222354445a970f164d98986b71d50 by sitter: (do not install additional osmcarto license)
  change: edit data/CMakeLists.txt
Revision 952515730184adb739eef80a734aa6e9302a5a0c by nienhueser: (Ensure MarblePlacemarkModel* type is registered with Qt)
  change: edit src/lib/marble/declarative/MarbleDeclarativePlugin.cpp
Revision c89e8edefd28475ea0c7a172cd233f26235d1dbb by nienhueser: (Use building height for 3D rendering (where available))
  change: edit src/lib/marble/geodata/graphicsitem/GeoPolygonGraphicsItem.cpp
  change: edit src/lib/marble/geodata/graphicsitem/GeoPolygonGraphicsItem.h
Revision 6a5ba45b10fe296f7705bafee80c83c87616ff71 by torsten.rahn: (More amenities: post office, post boxes, etc. ...)
  change: edit src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataFeature_p.h
  change: edit src/lib/marble/osm/OsmPresetLibrary.cpp
  change: edit src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataFeature.h
  change: edit src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataFeature.cpp

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