Two suggestions to improve Cantor's worksheet.

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Sun Oct 25 09:10:14 UTC 2015

*Adding new expressions:*
Currently it's impossible to add new expressions between two already existing 
expressions by clicking with the mouse in the area between those two 
expressions. It's not possible to add a new expression at the very top or at 
the very bottom of the worksheet, neither. Mathemica and wxMaxima can do this. 
In Cantor there is only the short-cut "ctrt+return" to add a new item after 
the currently selected one. But this is not flexible enough. It would be great 
to have a "tolerance area" of couple of pixels aroung each item. By hiting 
this are with the mouse a new item should be produced.

Sometimes you want to highlight a certain expression by changing its font 
(size and color) or to change the background color. Or you want to add an 
empty line and to change its color to indicate a certain logical separation in 
your calculations. If I see it correctly, Cantor currently lacks any kind of 
formatting like this. Mathematica can do this.

Sidenote: when starting Cantor in the terminal, the terminal is full of debug-
messages like QRectF(80,156 1x47) QRectF(0,0 677x584). Are they really 


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