Review Request 121534: [kalzium/libscience] Port to KF5

Christoph Feck cfeck at
Sat Oct 10 14:34:35 UTC 2015

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDE Edu and Etienne Rebetez.

Repository: kalzium


Not sure if anyone already looked at porting Kalzium. If not, I would like to create the frameworks branch, and push some changes I tried so far.

When I started porting the buildsystem I noticed many compile errors caused by API changes in KUnitConversion.

This review request only shows the changes inside libscience. The application does not compile yet.

I would like feedback about the (rather verbose) usage of KUnitConversion::UnitID type. Does it make sense to always "using namespace;" or maybe a typedef?


  libscience/element.cpp 762462f 
  libscience/elementparser.h f3a8130 
  libscience/elementparser.cpp 7c5ecaf 
  libscience/isotopeparser.cpp 0e646c1 
  libscience/spectrum.h 3d43d6f 
  libscience/spectrum.cpp 9ce97a5 
  src/calculator/concCalculator.cpp 785e77a 
  src/calculator/gasCalculator.h 4cbcecf 
  src/calculator/gasCalculator.cpp adef7f5 
  src/calculator/nuclearCalculator.h f0230f8 
  src/calculator/nuclearCalculator.cpp 488bd38 
  src/elementdataviewer.cpp 49a2a18 
  src/kalziumgradienttype.cpp 5130f85 
  src/kalziumunitcombobox.h 717be9e 
  src/kalziumunitcombobox.cpp 094ca45 
  src/kalziumutils.h 0938b34 
  src/kalziumutils.cpp bae9c54 
  src/spectrumviewimpl.cpp f9c0488 
  src/spectrumwidget.cpp 2264590 
  src/unitsettingsdialog.h 04d5cf0 
  src/unitsettingsdialog.cpp 4f50aca 
  src/gradientwidget_impl.cpp 622717a 
  src/kalziumdataobject.h 0d88856 
  src/kalziumdataobject.cpp 3d171c6 
  libscience/chemicaldataobject.h 55a40dc 
  libscience/chemicaldataobject.cpp 8fac92c 
  libscience/element.h 43979d9 



libscience compiles without errors/warnings.


Christoph Feck

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