Review Request 123825: [Cantor] KStandardDirs ported to QSrandardPaths

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Mon May 18 00:32:58 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Edu, Alexander Rieder, Lucas Hermann Negri, and Minh Ngo.


Submitted with commit 2af4705c3391345444c95a6e63a84355fa6d66ac by Filipe Saraiva to branch master.

Repository: cantor


KStandardDirs is deprecated for KF5. The library was ported to QStandardPaths. I used [porting notes page]( about KStandardDirs to do it.


  src/backends/R/rbackend.cpp e128520 
  src/backends/R/rsession.cpp 1d1aeac 
  src/backends/maxima/maximakeywords.cpp 1ea1a5c 
  src/backends/maxima/maximasession.cpp a150194 
  src/backends/maxima/testmaxima.cpp 65111aa 
  src/backends/python/pythonextensions.cpp 665a628 
  src/backends/python/pythonkeywords.cpp e3e425c 
  src/backends/python3/python3session.cpp 5846ba1 
  src/backends/sage/sagekeywords.cpp 2b6f763 
  src/backends/scilab/scilabkeywords.cpp 0ac8003 
  src/cantor.cpp 25d15b6 
  src/latexentry.cpp 0b8321d 
  src/lib/expression.cpp 2fb9286 
  src/lib/latexrenderer.cpp 75f7cda 
  src/loadedexpression.cpp 02c8790 
  src/worksheet.cpp 9ff8cf1 



Tests performed:
* Maxima keywords loaded;
* Can find Python 3 executable and can run it;
* Sage keywords loaded;
* Open examples;
* Process latex entries correctly;
* Export to latex format working correctly.

Missing tests:
* Run and find R executable (I do not have R in my machine).


Filipe Saraiva

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