LabPlot builds and runs with kf5

Marko Käning mk-lists at
Wed Mar 11 22:33:08 UTC 2015

Hi Alexander,

On 11 Mar 2015, at 23:25 , Alexander Semke <Alexander.Semke at> wrote:
> no, not yet. The problem with "step" you reported last friday is the same, I 
> guess…

yes, it looks like it. :)

> Can you try to compile kst on your system please? kst can also be built on Mac 
> OS and they also include GSL-stuff via <gsl/gsl_include.h>
> I'm trying to understand their cmake-files now.

kst isn’t a KDE application?
$ ./ kst
ERROR: Calling kde-dev-scripts/kde-project-info failed -> ABORT

OK, have to call it a day for now.

Good night,

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