GSoC Project - Looking for a mentor

Souvik Das souvikdas728 at
Sun Mar 8 13:18:13 UTC 2015


First of all, cheers to the fact that KDE has been accepted as one of the
organizations for Google Summer of Code 2015.

I was checking out the applications listed under kde-edu, and KBruch, an
mathematical application, which deals in arithmetical operations of
fractions caught my eye. The project is aimed for learning and contains
exercises as well to test one's self.

The thing that seemed a bit off was its UI. Maybe the application could be
ported to QML, to give it a new refreshed look. Also, some other features
could be added so as to make this application quite outstanding.

I was hoping to find a developer or maintainer who could guide me, as I
want to work on this application in the upcoming GSoC. I have previously
participated in Season of KDE this year, so i am fairly experienced with
the concepts of C++ and QML.

Looking forward to contributing to open source. :)

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