LabPlot builds and runs with kf5

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Tue Mar 3 08:15:30 UTC 2015

> But, you know, why is “gsl/“ in the <>-path, if we have already
> $prefix/include/gsl defined further up. Shouldn’t gsl be omitted then, or
> the definition adapted to ---
>  FIND_PATH (GSL_INCLUDE_DIR gsl_multimin.h
>     /usr/include/gsl
>     /usr/local/include/gsl
> +    ${CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH}/include
>  )
> ---
> ?!
> In this case CMake again claims that it cannot find GSL, of course. =(
The definition GSL_INCLUDE_DIR was set but actually nowhere used before.
I added it to INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES which tells cmake to generate -I option for 
the compiler with the provided directories.
By including via <file.h>, the lookup is done in system include directories 
and not in the directoreis specified by the -I-option. I don't know what the 
system directories for clang on Mac OS are, but gsl located in /opt/local/ is 
not found via <gsl/gsl_header.h>. 

It should work on your system now with #include "gsl_rng.h" instead of 
#include <gsl/gsl_rng.h> but this is not the final solution for this problem. 
It should work with <gsl/gsl_header.h> on each platform. I'll try to come up 
with a clean solution for this.

Are all headers installed in /opt/local/includes on your system?


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