Review Request 122557: Add KDELibs4ConfigMigrator support to Cantor

Filipe Saraiva filipe at
Fri Feb 13 08:26:20 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDE Edu, Alexander Rieder, Lucas Hermann Negri, and Minh Ngo.

Repository: cantor


Migrating the config file of Cantor 4.x version to Cantor KF5-based version, following the tips in


  src/CMakeLists.txt 9c69f58 
  src/main.cpp f5ba473 



1. Delete cantorrc of KF5 applications config folder (XDG_*_HOME) - in my case, ~/.config/cantorrc;
2. Open Cantor 4.x version and insert different settings to different backends in Settings > Configure Cantor; change the size and position of the main window and some assistant windows; close it.
3. Open Cantor KF5 version and verify if the settings of Cantor 4.x were imported to Cantor KF5 (in my case, yes).


Filipe Saraiva

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