Migration of our settings

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Mon Feb 9 20:00:02 UTC 2015

Hey all,

In response to Eike's e-mail about us not migrating our settings from the
old kdelibs4 locations I've created a set of todo items on kanboard [1] for
each of our applications. It would be very good imo if we could get all the
applications that are ported to kf5 (i.e. master branch is kf5 based) to
have this fix [2] by the next time kf5 based code is released. That is Feb
26th for applications whose Applications/14.12 branch is kf5 based since
that's the 14.12.3 tagging date. Later for those that weren't merged to
master until after 14.12 though it would be good to get them done quickly
also. This isn't hard to do from what I see, but it is important for our
users, so would be very good to get done.


1. https://todo.kde.org/?controller=board&action=show&project_id=51
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