Cantor Sage and R

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Sat Aug 15 06:58:21 UTC 2015

Hi Garvit,

> I have installed sagemath but it is not showing up in cantor. If I set the
> proper path to sage in settings/configure cantor, It tries to load and then
> the splash screen keeps on saying Initializing session and nothing happens.
I've just checked on openSuse with R and I'm getting the same problem - the 
splash screen doesn't disappear and the session is not initialized. Hitting 
the Cancel-button leaves me with an empty worksheet. In the debug messages I 
see the standart messages you get if you start R in terminal and 

setting up callbacks
integrating plots
running command  "png(filename="/tmpcantor/rserver-29329/Rplot0.png", width = 
480, height = 480, units = "px")"
PARSING  "png(filename="/tmpcantor/rserver-29329/Rplot0.png", width = 480, 
height = 480, units = "px")"  went OK
done running
std:  ""  err:  ""
printing result...
internal result:  0  ::  ""
done initializing

R works without problems in terminal and in rkward. So, it must be something 
in the cantor code...


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