Review Request 120219: Fix bug #338666: "Kalzium crashes when selecting >File >Export Data..."

Martin Walch walch.martin at
Mon Sep 15 16:44:47 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Bugs: 338666

Repository: kalzium


Problem is easy to spot with valgrind:
The private ExportDialog *m_exportDialog is not explicitely initialized
with 0, so later calling "if (!m_exportDialog)" may fail.

This accidentally slipped in with a header cleanup (commit d36687d50...)

Easy fix: initialize the pointer with 0 just like all the others.

BUG: 338666
FIXED-IN: 4.14.2

REVIEW: 120219


  src/kalzium.cpp da7f315 



* compiling
* running
* bug did not appear any more

(all on KDE 4.14.0)


Martin Walch

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