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Mon Sep 1 12:30:11 UTC 2014

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[bbeschow] m_innerNodesList must be set up before rendering

[bbeschow] rename local variable for more clarity

[crucerucalincristian] Refactored the way actions are enabled by introducing 'focus item'.

[bbeschow] const'ify

[bbeschow] introduce GeoDataTreeModelTest

[crucerucalincristian] Constify everything needed in Annotate Plugin.

[crucerucalincristian] Small bug fix which caused placemarks to not be right-clickable after

[crucerucalincristian] setRequest() method should be protected.

[crucerucalincristian] Focus on overlays needs to be treated separately.

[bbeschow] use QSet for amort. O(1) lookup complexity

[crucerucalincristian] Add Polygon Hole should not be enabled when the focus is on a polyline.

[crucerucalincristian] Introduced key events in Annotate Plugin's event filter. Pressing Escape while an item

[crucerucalincristian] Fix crash when clearing all annotations after a polygon/polyline has just been added.

[crucerucalincristian] Latitude/Longitude should have 4 decimals precision to improve positioning in OSM.

[crucerucalincristian] Added new icons for Annotate Plugin actions.

[crucerucalincristian] Run optipng on data/bitmaps icons.

[crucerucalincristian] Inner nodes are painted as soon as they are added, not when the state changes.

[crucerucalincristian] Remove outdated icons.

[crucerucalincristian] When adding holes to a polygon, adding a node within (clicking) its inner boundaries

[bbeschow] move getter out of slots section

[bbeschow] remove unused methods

[crucerucalincristian] Removed outdated class.

[earthwings] Improve style delegate rendering of map themes.

[earthwings] Include Qt dlls in NSIS installer

[earthwings] Add QtXmlPatterns4.dll

[earthwings] Bump version numbers for upcoming release.

[crucerucalincristian] Fix osm-addresses/main.cpp which can now be compiled with both Qt5 and Qt4.

[crucerucalincristian] Changed the way merging is performed: CTRL+click two nodes merges them.

[crucerucalincristian] Now recently added items get removed if pressing escape when the dialog shows up

[earthwings] Lazily initialize static RemoteIconLoader in GeoDataIconStylePrivate

[tgridel] do not rely on networkAccessible() as it relies on bearer management in qt5

[tgridel] Legend: allow no-icon scene items

[tgridel] MarbleModel: indent

[torsten.rahn] Unbreak the atlas map.

[crucerucalincristian] Const'ify equality operators in GeoDataLink

[crucerucalincristian] Fix copying GeoDataTour's - make a copy of the GeoDataPlaylist object

[torsten.rahn] REVIEW: 119649

[bbeschow] use GeoDataCoordinates::isValid()

[torsten.rahn] Add the Gnomonic projection to the verbose combobox.

[bbeschow] add initial version of GnomonicProjectionTest

[torsten.rahn] REVIEW: 118720

[torsten.rahn] - Cleaned up and refactored the AzimuthalProjection and GnomonicProjection.

[torsten.rahn] Add Stereographic Projection and tests for it.

Started by remote host 2a01:4f8:160:9363::9 with note: Triggered by commit
Building remotely on LinuxSlave - 3 (PACKAGER LINBUILDER) in workspace <>
Running Prebuild steps
[marble_master_qt5] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ /home/jenkins/scripts/

Preparing to perform KDE Continuous Integration build
== Setting Up Sources

>From git://
   508ca29..27ff729  master     -> origin/master
Branch jenkins set up to track remote branch master from origin.

== Cleaning Source Tree

HEAD is now at 508ca29 REVIEW: 118720
Removing build/
Removing local-inst/
Success build forhudson.tasks.Shell at 3c6581fb
 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
 > git config remote.origin.url git:// # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from git://
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress git:// +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/jenkins^{commit} # timeout=10
 > git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/refs/heads/jenkins^{commit} # timeout=10
 > git rev-parse refs/heads/jenkins^{commit} # timeout=10
Checking out Revision 27ff729518344955d048d4c39f5721d48c93112b (refs/heads/jenkins)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f 27ff729518344955d048d4c39f5721d48c93112b
 > git rev-list 775ac32e26c79df76cf94c89b967bb9013ce4a65 # timeout=10
 > git tag -a -f -m Jenkins Build #431 jenkins-marble_master_qt5-431 # timeout=10
[marble_master_qt5] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ /home/jenkins/scripts/

KDE Continuous Integration Build
== Building Project: marble - Branch master
== Build Dependencies:
==== kidletime - Branch master
==== knewstuff - Branch master
==== kdoctools - Branch master
==== kdeclarative - Branch master
==== kactivities - Branch master
==== kiconthemes - Branch master
==== kjsembed - Branch master
==== dogtail - Branch master
==== kjobwidgets - Branch master
==== cmake - Branch master
==== kguiaddons - Branch master
==== phonon - Branch master
==== kunitconversion - Branch master
==== ktexteditor - Branch master
==== kauth - Branch master
==== kparts - Branch master
==== extra-cmake-modules - Branch master
==== kcrash - Branch master
==== kservice - Branch master
==== kdbusaddons - Branch master
==== kitemviews - Branch master
==== knotifyconfig - Branch master
==== kdelibs4support - Branch master
==== kglobalaccel - Branch master
==== ki18n - Branch master
==== kpty - Branch master
==== attica - Branch master
==== kconfig - Branch master
==== kconfigwidgets - Branch master
==== kplotting - Branch master
==== sonnet - Branch master
==== kcompletion - Branch master
==== kinit - Branch master
==== kdesupport-svn - Branch master
==== kitemmodels - Branch master
==== khtml - Branch master
==== kxmlgui - Branch master
==== kwallet - Branch master
==== solid - Branch master
==== kdesignerplugin - Branch master
==== kemoticons - Branch master
==== ktextwidgets - Branch master
==== qt5 - Branch stable
==== knotifications - Branch master
==== threadweaver - Branch master
==== kbookmarks - Branch master
==== kjs - Branch master
==== plasma-framework - Branch master
==== kwindowsystem - Branch master
==== kded - Branch master
==== kwidgetsaddons - Branch master
==== kf5umbrella - Branch master
==== kdnssd - Branch master
==== kross - Branch master
==== kdewebkit - Branch master
==== karchive - Branch master
==== kdesu - Branch master
==== kio - Branch master
==== kcoreaddons - Branch master
==== polkit-qt-1 - Branch master
==== frameworkintegration - Branch master
==== kcodecs - Branch master
==== kcmutils - Branch master

== Applying Patches
=== No patches to apply

== Syncing Dependencies from Master Server

== Configuring Build

-- The C compiler identification is GNU 4.8.2
-- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 4.8.2
-- Check for working C compiler: /home/jenkins/bin/cc
-- Check for working C compiler: /home/jenkins/bin/cc -- works
-- Detecting C compiler ABI info
-- Detecting C compiler ABI info - done
-- Check for working CXX compiler: /home/jenkins/bin/c++
-- Check for working CXX compiler: /home/jenkins/bin/c++ -- works
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:63 (MESSAGE):
  Qt 5 build detected.  Disabling KDE support which has not been ported yet.
  Please compile Marble with Qt 4 if you want to build the Marble KDE desktop

-- Please include /srv/jenkins/install/linux/x86_64/g++/kf5-qt5/kde/kdeedu/marble/inst/lib64/marble/plugins in the QML_IMPORT_PATH environment variable to use Marble's Qt declarative plugins.
-- Note: Marble Desktop does not make use of declarative plugins. Ignore the message above if you only intend to use the Desktop version.
-- Could NOT find Phonon (missing:  PHONON_INCLUDE_DIR PHONON_LIBRARY) 
-- Could NOT find Phonon (missing:  PHONON_INCLUDE_DIR PHONON_LIBRARY) 
-- Could NOT find quazip (missing:  QUAZIP_INCLUDE_DIR QUAZIP_LIBRARIES) 
-- Could NOT find libshp (missing:  LIBSHP_INCLUDE_DIR LIBSHP_LIBRARIES) 
-- Could NOT find libgps (missing:  LIBGPS_INCLUDE_DIR LIBGPS_LIBRARIES) 
-- Found PkgConfig: /usr/bin/pkg-config (found version "0.27.1") 
-- checking for module 'liblocation>=0.102'
--   package 'liblocation>=0.102' not found
-- The following features have been enabled:

 * Unit tests , Build unit tests. Toggle with BUILD_MARBLE_TESTS=YES/NO. 'make test' will run all.
 * Qt Designer plugins , Marble widget support in Qt Designer. Toggle with WITH_DESIGNER_PLUGIN=YES/NO
 * Marble Desktop/Mobile applications , Build Marble Desktop/Mobile applications. Toggle with BUILD_MARBLE_APPS=YES/NO.

-- The following REQUIRED packages have been found:

 * Qt5Core
 * Qt5Xml
 * Qt5Network
 * Qt5Test
 * Qt5Script
 * Qt5Gui (required version >= 5.3.1)
 * Qt5Widgets
 * Qt5Qml (required version >= 5.3.1)
 * Qt5Quick (required version >= 5.3.1)
 * Qt5OpenGL (required version >= 5.3.1)
 * Qt5WebKit (required version >= 5.3.1)
 * Qt5Positioning (required version >= 5.3.1)
 * Qt5Sensors (required version >= 5.3.1)
 * Qt5WebKitWidgets
 * Qt5Svg
 * Qt5Sql
 * Qt5Concurrent
 * Qt5PrintSupport
 * Qt5Designer

-- The following features have been disabled:

 * Marble tools , Build various Marble tools for e.g. file format conversion. Toggle with BUILD_MARBLE_TOOLS=YES/NO.
 * Marble library C++ examples , Build C++ examples showing how to use the Marble library. Toggle with BUILD_MARBLE_EXAMPLES=YES/NO.

-- The following OPTIONAL packages have not been found:

 * Phonon , cross-platform multimedia framework that enables the use of audio and video content , <>
   Support for playback of soundcue elements
   Voice navigation (sound or human speakers)
 * QextSerialPort , access to serial ports , <>
   Reading from serial port in APRS plugin
 * quazip , reading and writing of ZIP archives , <>
   reading and displaying .kmz files
 * libshp , reading and writing of ESRI Shapefiles (.shp) , <>
   reading and displaying .shp files
 * libgps , communicating with the GPS daemon , <>
   position information via gpsd
 * liblocation , position information on Maemo 5 devices , <>
   position information via GPS/WLAN for the Nokia N900 smartphone
 * libwlocate , WLAN-based geolocation , <>
   Position information based on neighboring WLAN networks

-- Configuring done
CMake Error at MarbleMacros.cmake:180 (add_executable):
  Cannot find source file:


  Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .m .M .mm .h .hh .h++ .hm .hpp
  .hxx .in .txx
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  tests/CMakeLists.txt:82 (marble_add_test)

CMake Warning:
  Manually-specified variables were not used by the project:


-- Build files have been written to: <>
Configure step exited with non-zero code, assuming failure to configure for project marble.
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
[WARNINGS] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
Recording test results

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