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Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at kde.org
Thu Oct 16 06:43:01 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 15 October 2014 16:58:37 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> Ok, kdeedu-data ? Got a better name? otherwise I'll ask ben/sysadmin
> to rename the git repo in the next few days.

I first thought that it would make more sense to directly split math and 
language data at this point, i.e., using different repos like kdeedu-math-
data, kdeedu-languauge-data... But when thinking more about this I agree, that 
putting everything into one Git repository sounds fine.

What make me think this was mainly:
* if we document clearly how we expect this repository to be shipped, 
packagers will split it themselves
* the total size is still quite small and we can split later if it gets too 
* it simplifies exchanging icons among all edu apps, so icons that are not yet 
provided by Breeze and where our icon versions do not fulfill the Breeze 
vision yet


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