kvtml files

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Wed Oct 15 18:43:11 UTC 2014

Aleix, All

I've just realized this upcoming 14.12 release is going to have a
problem. KAnagram master branch uses libkeduvocdocument and kf5 and
qt5, Parley, KWordQuiz and KHangman use libkdeedu and qt4 on their
master branches. Both libkdeedu and libkeduvocdocument ship kvtml
files installed into the same place that kanagram and khangman look
for them. So we have a couple of options to fix this:

1. Ship kanagram from 4.14 branch and don't ship libkeduvocdocument.
This is my least favorite option, since kanagram master branch has
some bug fixes and improvements and I'd like to start showing off it's
use of frameworks.
2. Move the kvtml files from libkeduvocdocument and libkdeedu into
kdemath-artwork (but rename it to kdeedu-data or something more
generic since these data files aren't math nor artwork. This is
probably the simplest solution since we haven't shipped
kdemath-artwork yet.
3. Move the kvtml files somewhere else (maybe they could go with the
translations or something?)


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