Icons for LabPlot and for other edu-projects

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at web.de
Sat Oct 11 07:26:04 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I got help with icons for LabPlot from VDG and also discussed some problems 
related to the application specific icons. Let me just quote a reply:
> If, for example, labplot ships Breeze icons with its KF5-based version, but
> a Plasma 5 user has selected Oxygen as their general icon theme (they are
> free to do so!), you have a mixture of Oxygen and Breeze icons in one
> application, which looks very very bad. Therefore, all icons an application
> uses should be part of the standard icon set. If a specific icon theme
> doesn't provide these icons, the application can still fall back to a
> default set. But that way at least we give icon sets a chance to provide
> icons that match their style.

Tthe full thread can be found here

I also pointed to icons of khipu/kmplot. May be we can share couple of 
icons...  How is the problem with different icon styles solved by other edu-


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