Review Request 121127: Let a user open a file in read-only mode.

Inge Wallin inge at
Sat Nov 15 00:45:14 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu and Jeremy Whiting.

Repository: libkeduvocdocument


When Parley introduced the dashboard, the intention was to show some basic information about all the KVTML files that the user are interested in. But to do that it has to open them, read them, and process them a little.

The problem is that to do this, it has to steal the lock from other applications since there is no open in read-only mode in the library.

This patch introduces such a read-only mode. The file is opened and read as usual but all locks are ignored. On the other hand, the file will also be blocked from saving so there is no room for error. In the future we can perhaps implement a call that changes mode from read-only to read-write and also asks the user if he wants to steal the lock, but that is not part of this patch.


  keduvocdocument/keduvocdocument.h 7af2c12 
  keduvocdocument/keduvocdocument.cpp b376270 



No testing at this point. I am asking for a visual inspection.


Inge Wallin

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