Review of training sessions, milestone 2

Inge Wallin inge at
Sun Mar 16 00:36:06 UTC 2014

I tried to create a review request for this but there seems to be a new 
version of the review board and I failed to register any reviewers. So instead 
I'll ask for the review here.

Here is what I wrote on the review board:

This is the patch for Milestone 2 for training sessions in Parley.  This one 
implements configurable sessions.

Notice especially the changes in the practice config dialog. I created a new 
config tab called General, moved most of the so called Advanced settings there 
and renamed the rest of the Advanced settings to Specific, considering that the 
only config option left in there is about the specific training mode "multiple 

If you want to test the patch, it's done in the practice-sessions branch in 
the parley repo.

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