Review Request 116788: Added ExpandAll() and CollapseAll() KActions.

Amarvir Singh amarvir.ammu.93 at
Fri Mar 14 14:57:13 UTC 2014

No, I didn't mean directly connect to the slot in the editor. If you wanted
to do that, btw, you could have passed a signal directly. I meant, after
the KAction has been connected to the local slot in the LessonView, instead
of emitting a signal to the editor, just call LessonView's inherited
expandAll()/collapseAll() in that local slot. Hence, LessonView's slots
would be calling the inherited methods directly.

On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 8:17 PM, Avinash Zebisky
<avinashzebisky at>wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for review. I'll remove that m_wordTypeView->expandAll();
>> Good work, btw. Thanks for the patch. :) Here are a few points about it:
>> 1. There isn't really a need to expand/collapse WordTypeView when the KAction is called. The user isn't expecting it and didn't call for it.
>> 2. As the only work to be performed by the KAction is to call the LessonView's own methods (expandAll/collapseAll), there isn't a need for a signal to be emitted and then performing stuff in the Editor. This can all be done in LessonView itself. Let's keep things clean and tidy, this helps other code readers as well. :)
>> I tried to connect KAction directly to slot in editor.cpp. But that
> didn't work. Moreover I don't see, how should I directly connect them :/.
> Kindly, guide me :)
> Regards,
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