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Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at
Wed Mar 5 16:57:02 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 05 March 2014 17:42:35 Wolfgang Romey wrote:
> I cloned pairs to my laptop and opened it in Kdevelop, but cannot build 
> Something of KDE4 is missing. I thougt, that i should have everything 
> instlalled for  KDE development, when i have installed kdevelop. But 
maybe i 
> am too naive. 

Hi Wolfgang,

without the error message it is quite hard to figure out what you are
missing ;) Depending on where your problems are, this would be the 
output of "cmake ." or "make" in your install directory.


PS: typical problems are missing *-dev packages for kdelibs and others
PPS: if you are at a dDbian based distribution, "apt-get build-dep pairs" 
might help you
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