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Abhijeet Nikam connect08nikam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 22:06:49 UTC 2014


I am Abhijeet Nikam. I know C++, javascript and basics of Qt framework.

I am interested in developing an education based application for our
universe. The application is aimed for school students to visualize the
basic working model of our universe, solar system and the position of our
planet earth in it.

The application would show the basic model of our revolving solar system.
The user could zoom in on any of the planets and read the relative
information, view its moons and read special facts about it and zoom out
back again to the basic model.

An option can be set to come out from the solar system model and view our
Milky way galaxy with near by galaxies (which also can be tagged for
further information). The relative position of our earth can also be shown
to enhance the basic understanding of the vastness of the universe.
The distances from our earth to other planets and objects can be viewed and
explained in relative terms to simplify it for the user.

A small section can be maintained for amazing facts and fun quizzes to make
it a  more interesting learning experience.

Is anyone interested in this project and can guide me further on it?

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