[KTouch] Autogeneration of lessons/courses for custom layouts

Tslil Clingman hiato1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 20:57:18 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I did some brief hunting about on the IRC channel on this topic and
was subsequently referred to the ml -- I hope my question is

I recently created a custom keyboard layout for my own ends and
managed to use KTouch to generate the xml stuff in the hopes that I
might learn this layout using KTouch as a tutor. Naturally, in order
to learn it there must exist a course and lessons -- thus my
question. Does there exist a means to generate some lessons wherein
keys are gradually added (beginning with index fingers on the home row
I would imagine) until the full keyboard is utilised (even if the
lessons are all gibberish), for an arbitrary custom layout?

I managed to find a perl script buried in 3.5.x (?) that does
something mildly related to this, and couldn't really identify the
functions of the python scripts bundled in the 4.10.0 (?)
extras/scripts folder. Nevertheless, it would appear that none of
these perform the task of extracting the keys from the xml document
and building an entire lesson structure automatically. Does such a
tool exist? If not, I /may/ be able to construct one -- would anyone
be interested in such a script? 

Yours &c.,
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