Review Request 116041: Allow images to be used instead of words in flashcard practice

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Tue Feb 25 09:12:50 UTC 2014

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(Updated Feb. 25, 2014, 9:12 a.m.)

Review request for KDE Edu and Amarvir Singh.


Fixed all issues.  Now also with connections to the kcfg database and the checkbox in the config dialog.

Repository: parley


This patch implements wish 281120 - wish: ability to use only image for a "language"

The point of it is to be able to use the flashcard implementation in Parley to train other things than languages.  Naval buoys are mentioned in the wish but there are many things that could be learned using images: flags, geography, presidents, etc.

Note: There is a configuration checkbox to allow this, but that is not yet connected to any code. The reason for that is that there are several other checkboxes that are also not connected to any code.  This has to be taken care of, of course, but we need to get this patch in today before the string freeze.

Aside from the configuration the code works as expected even though we should probably increase the image size in the flashcard.

Diffs (updated)

  TODO 6a75001 
  src/configure-practice/advancedpracticeoptions.ui 87a2a6a 
  src/practice/abstractbackendmode.cpp 25a97cb 
  src/practice/entryfilter.cpp a3afe84 
  src/practice/flashcardmodewidget.cpp e578153 
  src/settings/parley.kcfg 867819f 



Checked using a test file that I created.


Inge Wallin

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