Changing the KDE Edu module maintainer

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annmam at
Thu Feb 20 14:25:22 UTC 2014


I have been the assigned KDE Edu module maintainer for the past years but due to family life (aging parents, husband being often away for his work, kids,…) I have not been active in the past 2 years and things will be very busy until at least mid-September so I will not contribute again to KDE until at least this time. I cannot go to the Randa meeting nor Akademy due to already planned events (we’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary on the 10th of August for example!).

Aleix Pol will take over as module maintainer as he has been in charge since I stepped down.

I’d like to thank him along with all the other amazing people working on KDE educational apps (in particular Andreas Cord-Landwehr). I did not realise I had a formal role as maintainer which is needed for allowing new apps in KDE Edu, otherwise I would have stepped down earlier.

Of course I hope to contribute again and I still follow what’s happening through the mailing lists so don’t think you’ll get rid of me for good ;-)

Best regards to all and thanks to everyone for what you brought me so far.

Anne-Marie aka annma

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