Review Request 115439: Open ExpressionWritter API: AbstractExpressionWriter

Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuasi percy.camilo.ta at
Sat Feb 15 17:04:04 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Repository: analitza


Currently ExpressionWriter allows a great flexibility to visit each node (by type) of the parser's tree, but it returns only QString as result.

I propose open this API by this generic interface: AbstractExpressionWriter. This interface can be used by any client to visit the tree and, in addition, the client can choose the type of the results for each visit.

This patch adds AbstractExpressionWriter, ExpressionWriter, List, CustomObject, Matrix, Apply and Container as public API (headers will be installed)


  analitza/CMakeLists.txt af270b6 
  analitza/abstractexpressionvisitor.h PRE-CREATION 
  analitza/abstractexpressionvisitor.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  analitza/analitzautils.cpp c38eeaa 
  analitza/apply.h 84b09f5 
  analitza/apply.cpp e787372 
  analitza/container.h f0deec6 
  analitza/container.cpp aabd780 
  analitza/customobject.h b6f200c 
  analitza/customobject.cpp da8bdb9 
  analitza/expression.cpp 48fd8d8 
  analitza/expressiontypechecker.h 8263c2b 
  analitza/expressiontypechecker.cpp 8616127 
  analitza/expressionwriter.h ea9c92d 
  analitza/expressionwriter.cpp 8aff488 
  analitza/htmlexpressionwriter.h f8d0060 
  analitza/htmlexpressionwriter.cpp cf7d4a0 
  analitza/list.h 9719f9e 
  analitza/list.cpp fd1e411 
  analitza/mathmlexpressionwriter.h 70b08ae 
  analitza/mathmlexpressionwriter.cpp b70a1ca 
  analitza/mathmlpresentationexpressionwriter.h 6c6419e 
  analitza/mathmlpresentationexpressionwriter.cpp 3efc35b 
  analitza/matrix.h 69c109d 
  analitza/matrix.cpp 6714ac8 
  analitza/object.h aafd114 
  analitza/object.cpp b485d07 
  analitza/operator.h 0e61b21 
  analitza/operator.cpp a2d8501 
  analitza/stringexpressionwriter.h e8c0ccd 
  analitza/stringexpressionwriter.cpp 90594e8 
  analitza/value.h 89bc2ef 
  analitza/value.cpp 7d4e49a 
  analitza/variable.h 2f8514c 
  analitza/variable.cpp b98365e 
  analitza/vector.h 338bf81 
  analitza/vector.cpp d7b5836 



build & install ok, also each class has the ANALITZA_EXPORT macro.


Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuasi

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