LabPlot+Cantor for GSOC 2014?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Thu Feb 13 20:38:16 UTC 2014

On Wednesday, 2014-02-12, 23:03:17, Alexander Semke wrote:
> > The decision is made between all KDE GSoC mentors - usually in teams
> > (like all KDE-edu mentors together make an initial decision for
> > KDE-edu proposals). If there is disagreement the admin team (me, Teo,
> > Valorie plus possibly others) makes the call.
> Ok, I see. Thank you.
> I just wanted to edit the wiki page and to put there my proposals but I'm
> not allowed to do this and I don't see the possibility to create an account
> or to use my kdeidentity (it's already too late or I'm too stupid for this
> task).

You click on "Open ID / Identity login" on the right hand side bar.
On the login page select KDE Identity and login in with your usual 

Wiki will not be "closed", so add whenever you have time, ideally following 
the template found at the beginning.


Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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