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Tue Feb 11 20:34:24 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 11 February 2014 14:18:29 Inge Wallin wrote:
> I took a closer look at KWordQuiz and for that I agre with you. But for
> Parley I do not. KWordQuiz has the simple layout and interaction that is
> well suited for "this week's 15 words" but parley is either redundant
> (KWordQuiz works just as well) or much too advanced for that purpose.
> Instead I think we should target KWordQuiz to the groups you mention above
> (Camille and possibly Gan) in the personas and Parley to Tina. There is no
> reason to even have Parley if we don't target the more motivated and
> advanced learner with it.

Yes, Parley is an advanced trainer and KWordquiz keeps it simple. But I do not see why using Parley should 
be harder to use than KWordquiz. What I learned from a workthrough with our Personas at the last sprint is 
that all of them have several difficulties to use both applications. Hence, a new interaction design is needed 
in any case, if we want to support these personas.

For such an overhoul, I believe that it is feasable to meet the needs of all of them -- without loosing 
functionalty. And in the light of maintainability, I prefer to focus at one application instead of a set of severals 
(Parley + KWordquiz + Widget). Yet, if that is not possible, I would be comfortable with talking about 
providing several views to a core trainer engine.

So my proposal, now a little bit more precise:
* define the usage goals of our Personas (and maybe revisit them)
* discuss training workflows for the Personas
* evaluate if it is possible to do this in one interface, or if several interfaces are required
* evaluate if this can be done atop of Parley (which is IMO the best foundation we currently have)
* draft a plan :)

I will ping Thomas and see if he or anybody else of our interaction designers is interested in joining the 

For the usage goals and workflows, I created an (empty) wiki page at:
Currently, I am not yet sure what a good structure for this page will be, but I am optimistic that we will find 
out, once it gets more content :)

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