LabPlot documentation

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Mon Feb 10 21:41:54 UTC 2014

> Is there any preferable outline of the new docs?
Nothing fixed and settled yet, but I think the following outline is 

1. Describe the overall intention of the software.
2. Describe the general structure of the software, intoduce the different 
objects that can be created within the software and introduce the project-
explorer as the tool to manage all created stuff. Folders and sub-folders can 
be created to bring in more structure into the project.
3. Describe the basic functionality of the spreadsheet.
4. Describe the functionality of worksheet (creation of plots, layout, zoom-
in, zoom-out of the entire worksheet, export-Dialog with all it's options).
5. Cartesian plots, curves and legends. General description of the many 
editting possibilities in the corresponding dock widgets.
6. Describe import of ascii-data. Import can be done either by importing the 
data to an already available spreadsheet or by adding a "File data source". 
The latter is more usefull for bigger data sets where you don't need a view on 
it. A file data source can be updated on file changes and all the xy-curves 
consuming the data from this data source will also be updated.

A short tutorial for the basic workflow (create new project, import data, 
create worksheet, create plots and layout them, add curves, select columns as 
data sources for the curves, add legends, export everything to pdf) would also 
help to become familiar with the software more quickly.

> Are there any useful blog posts (other than Stuart Jarvis posts) or some
> other bits of docs to use?
No :-(


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