Review Request 115621: [parley][PATCH] Fixes the problem of audio player not stopping when continue is pressed in some practice modes

Amarvir Singh amarvir.ammu.93 at
Mon Feb 10 11:25:59 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Repository: parley


This bug present was present in the written and mixed letters practice modes which contained the audio player. The audio never stopped when continue was pressed, neither for
the questionSound nor the solutionSound. In case of longer sound clips (sentences or multiple words) this usually meant that the sound played even when the next question appeared.
This was usually the case when the answer was not known and the user simply pressed enter or clicked on continue. The user had to wait for the sound to stop or manually click on
stop button, to stop the audio. This meant that the user could not directly hear the new question's audio, without stopping the previous sound.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Set the vocabulary to contain audio for words.
2. Start written practice mode.
3. Quickly press enter or click on continue as if you dont know the answer (longer audio helps)
4. The sound continues to play even in the next question, and playing the next question's audio requires you to wait for it to stop.

Expected Result:
Audio stops on pressing continue.

This patch fixes this bug and stops the currently playing sound using a stopAudio signal as soon as the continue button is pressed or enter is hit, after answering.


  src/practice/writtenpracticewidget.cpp 05e2a16 
  src/practice/abstractwidget.h 3156b17 
  src/practice/audiobutton.h abebaf4 
  src/practice/audiobutton.cpp 2aae366 



Tested for written and mixed letters modes.


Amarvir Singh

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