Reminder: Using KNewStuff in Kstars for sharing links and photos

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Sat Feb 1 14:03:38 UTC 2014

Hi guys

Below is attached a mail (modified to the point) I sent long ago and I have
not received any comments or reply on it. I request you guys to give me any
suggestion or relevant reply. :)

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Date: Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 11:47 PM
Subject: Using KNewStuff in Kstars for sharing links and photos
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Hello all

I am Kstars contributor. Recently I was reading documentation of
I am thinking of using this service for sharing links and photos in Kstars.
Since I have not yet worked on KNewStuff I am not sure whether following
things can be implemented or not:

1) User can log in from Kstars and upload links along with Skyobject name
and other few details. For this I think Kstars should be able to connect to
database file residing on server when log in succeeds.

2) User can download information which will be rendered in Skyobject's
detail dialog (which can be easily implemented once that data is downloaded
to local file from server). User may not required to log in to download.

So can you please give your views and suggestion on the same and tell me
whether implementing this idea with KNewStuff is possible or not ?

Thanks in advance :):)

Vijay Dhameliya

PS: I am Sorry if it is not appropriate to send such reminder mail
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