Features in next version of Parley

Andreas Xavier andxav at zoho.com
Wed Aug 27 19:30:48 UTC 2014

Feature:  Create a landing zone for the new file format

Create unit tests of the interface between Parley and kvocdoc so that the new
library can be dropped into existing unit tests.  If the unit tests pass before and
after the library change over then nothing should be broken.

Most components that touch kvocdoc are models. We can quickly write 3 
kinds of unit tests.  A read unit test, where it reads data from kvocdoc and 
presents it to the test.  A write unit test, the other way.  And a loopback 
unit test where it writes data through the model to kvocdoc and then reads 
it back through the model. The loopback test is probably the most 
important as it will catch most of the problems, where the new library is not
storing something, mangling something or otherwise breaking the parley 

If we do this most of the bugs with the change of library 
will show up as broken unit tests, be easy to find and easy to fix.
Otherwise, non crashing bugs will be invisible until a user reports it.  

If the editor is being concurrently re-written, then it may make sense 
to not do this for the editor.

Cheers Andreas

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