Review Request 119905: Parley: Fix bugs: 338302 and 338417 title bar [modified] tag behavior is inconsistent.

Andreas Xavier andxav at
Fri Aug 22 18:23:02 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Bugs: 338302 and 338417

Repository: parley


The [modified] in the title bar was inconsistent.

1. The title bar was only connected to the dirty bit in the doc from the Editor.  Going directly welcome -> stats did not connect the title bar to the dirty bit.
2. Whenever a new document was created, new collection, welcome screen etc. the title bar was disconnected.
3. In several places setModified was called on the kvocdoc when either nothing changed or the kvocdoc should know better.

The title bar is ParleyMainWindow's title bar.  ParleyMainWindow also know when the document is updated.  I created a  updateParleyDocument so that ParleyMainWindow always knows when the doc changes and slotFileNew so that anyone can ask ParleyMainWindow to update its own title bar.

Not fixed: Parley still directly calls the setModified in kvocdoc when it starts practice.  kvocdoc needs to be fixed before that is removed.


  src/editor/editor.cpp 4fac862 
  src/parleydocument.cpp 0ebeca1 
  src/parleymainwindow.h 98a94ad 
  src/parleymainwindow.cpp 9723ee1 
  src/practice/practicemainwindow.cpp 3008501 
  src/settings/documentproperties.cpp 02cbf7b 
  src/settings/languageproperties.cpp e9b171f 
  src/vocabulary/vocabularymodel.cpp abf0db9 
  src/welcomescreen/welcomescreen.cpp d24f444 



Clicked from welcomescreen -> stats -> practice -> exit stats
Clicked from welcomscreen -> stats -> editor (edited) -> practice
Clicked from welcomscreen -> stats -> editor (no edit) -> practice
Created a new collection from welcome screen
Changed doc properties from stats->File->Properties.

All of these cases worked correctly


Andreas Xavier

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