KPlotting and KUnitConversion

Christoph Feck christoph at
Mon Aug 11 21:31:22 UTC 2014

On Monday 11 August 2014 18:41:33 Garret Wassermann wrote:
> Simple is good, this is why I enjoy the KPlotting library. Might I
> ask what use cases you have in mind for the framework so I can
> better make suggestions?

KPlotting is intended for applications, where the plot isn't a central 
part of the application, but simply a means to visualize a set of data 
points that are secondary to the application.

It is a bit like comparing QTextEdit and KatePart. You probably would 
not want to use the former in KDevelop or Kile, while it is fine in an 
application, where you just need to enter some comment.

> Does KPlotting have a QML widget/graph, or is strictly a QtWidget
> at this point? If only QtWidget, do you think a QML plot is a
> priority and/or better suited to an interactive plot?

KPlotWidget is a QWidget class. I am not familiar with QML either, but 
if you manage to add QML support that reuses the logic about axis 
scaling, label placement, etc. then let me see it.

If possible, please keep the discussion on the list. I also added the 
kde-edu list to CC, because KPlotWidget is used by many educational 
applications. Maybe while those applications get ported to KF5, we can 
get some additional input for improvements, without bloating it.

Thanks for your interest.

Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

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