Review Request 119621: Support for Geogebra's intersections and constrained points adn Loci in kig ( GSoC 14 )

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Review request for KDE Edu and David Narváez.

Repository: kig


Line-Line intersection is perfect and simple to implement with the existing model. Other Intersections are a bit challenging since they output more than one object (point) unlike the other commands ( which output just one object).
LineConic, Circle-Circle intersections seem fine to me but I have some trouble in understanding whether my approach is correctly assigning the output-label to the obtained intersection points ( while filling the m_objectMap). Please check whether the IntImp parameter I am passing to the IntersectionTypes is correct or not. ConicConic Intersections produce 4-points sometimes and they have been implemented as Line-Conic intersections in Kig. So, we have to find the Radical-Lines of the conics first before finding the intersection-points. Currently , there is an issue that the Radical-lines are also added to the document ( while they should not be ), but this should be simple to take care (If you give the go-ahead to this approach). 

Constrained points are must for Locus. I have implemented them , but the extra-handling required is making things a little ugly.
Locus is under progress...


  geogebra/geogebra.xsl 4150e90 
  geogebra/geogebratransformer.h 5f36827 
  geogebra/geogebratransformer.cpp aee8669 



I ran some basic tests for all the intersection cases which have been implemented. Seem ok. Only issue is with the conic-conic intersection case where we get the additional ConicRadical Lines which should be visible in Kig. However, this should be easy to take care of if this implementation survives.

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