Updated ktouch problems

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Mon Apr 28 12:42:02 UTC 2014


> I have a whole series of lessons already written for ktouch 1.7.1 for our
> school. We upgraded our computers to mint olivia and can only get ktouch
> 2.0.0 which won't even import our lessons which are in xml format. is there
> a ktouch1.7.1.deb that i can download or an older repository or something I
> can do to get the older ktouch up and running.

I would strongly recommend converting the lessons to KTouch 2.0.0 format. The 
Python script located at the following URL will do the job:


If you send me you're lessons I can do this for you as well.

Using the older version KTouch will only result in more problems further down 
the road. It will become increasingly more difficult to upgrade your computers 
while keeping the legacy version around.

Best regards,


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