Review Request 117730: keduvocdocument: implement data fields necessary for initial learning in Parley

Inge Wallin inge at
Thu Apr 24 09:14:43 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu, Amarvir Singh and Andreas Cord-Landwehr.


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Repository: libkdeedu


This patch implements two new fields in a kvtml file:
 - pregrade, which is equal to grade but used in the interval 0-1 days as opposed to grade which is used for intervals 1 day and up.
 - interval, which is used to indicate how long since a word was last trained it is due for training again.

This is prerequisite to the implementation in Parley of the initial training. The reason for implementing these two fields instead of changing old ones is that it will still be backward compatible. I think this is important, especially in the light of the ktouch issue that we saw on the mailing list a few days ago.


  keduvocdocument/keduvoctext.h 1d196c2 
  keduvocdocument/keduvoctext.cpp 41d44d0 
  keduvocdocument/kvtml2defs.h d2903ed 



Not much testing is done, that will happen when I implement it in parley. This review is mostly to get an ok on the new data fields in general. The testing that I have done so far is to guarantee that keduvocdocument still works as before for code not using the new API.


Inge Wallin

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