Randa Meetings 2014: Registration Deadline and Fundraising

Mario Fux edu-ml at unormal.org
Wed Apr 23 20:07:37 UTC 2014

Good morning gals and guys

You get this email because you're either:
- Already registered on http://sprints.kde.org/sprint/212.
- You're subscribed to a mailing list of a group that participates this year.
- I already asked you in one way or another to come to Randa and you're not 
yet sure.
- Or there is another good reason why you get this email ;-).

This email is mainly to tell you the registration deadline for the Randa 
Meetings 2014:

Deadline: Sunday, 4th of May 2014, 23:59 UTC.

After this day we'll calculate the budget and will start a fundraising 
campaign as KDE e.V. can't give us enough money. We already did a campaign in 
2012 [1] and it was a success but it needs some work and energy and you can be 
of valueable help: spread the fundraising campaign when we give you the link 
and go.

But now, please do this:
- If you're already registered on sprints.kde.org please check your data and 
verify that everything is correct (we can't try to sponsor you if you forget 
to add the data ;-).
- Please check your group, who is yet missing on sprints.kde.org/sprint/212 of 
your group and ping and poke these people.
- If you bring you family: did you already get in contact with me (about your 
preferred room, the number of persons, if they are vegetarians, etc.)?
- Check if anything is unclear and you've question and send me an email or 
ping me (unormal) on IRC.

Topics this year are:
- KDE Books about KDE Frameworks
- Gluon
- KDE Edu/GCompris
- Porting apps to KF5 and porting KF5 to other platforms
- Kdenlive
- Amarok/Phonon/Multimedia

And one last thing: Do not yet order any tickets! I'll tell when the right 
time for this will be.

Best regards

[1] https://pledgie.com/campaigns/18045

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