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Wolfgang Romey hier at
Sat Apr 5 20:13:19 UTC 2014

Am Montag, 31. März 2014, 16:48:28 schrieb Aleix Pol:
> Personally, what bothers me the most is that we're incapable of running on
> different platforms and I'm actively [2] working on ways to solve that
> without turning our development process apart. I don't think we should
> disregard Android given that a huge part of our potential user-base is
> there and I think we should take them with respect and proximity.
It would be good, if KDE applications would work also on android. But I would 
miss the plasma (ative) basis.

> But yes, we have a community capable of coming up with a full-fledged
> solution and I think we could get there. This would open the window to
> having deployments based on KDE software and, more importantly, software
> made with a Free Software mind-set (in opposition to a Free Software
> license).
Yes, i hope, that KDE remains FREE software and not only opensource with 
whatever licence.

> Exciting times we're living in, let's not get scared, let's do it from
> illusion. In your e-mail I see lots of fear, I don't think that this should
> drive us to the next form factors. On the other hand, I think that we want
> to clean our mindsets and figure out who we want to be, look who wants to
> play with us and then push it with passion.
I am not afraid. I did leave windows behind some 15 years ago, because I want 
to determine what I have running on my PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and 
am angry, that I could do on my smartphone and tablet anymore.  That is what 
is driving me. Other aspects, which are rather new, are Free digital services 
(that is why I left facebook and joined diaspora), FREE hardware and FAIRE 
hard ware (that is why I ordered a Fairphone of the second batch).

Thank you for your answer.


Wolfgang Romey

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