Review Request 117364: Implement dual-direction training, a.k.a. mixed mode training

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Fri Apr 4 03:36:59 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu and Amarvir Singh.

Repository: parley


This patch implementes dual-direction training, which we have also called mixed mode training. The patch is not ready for merging yet but I want feedback on the solution and there are some things to discuss.

Visually, the patch removes the language selection listbox and instead adds two selectors: "known language" (the user should select the native language if possible) and "language to learn". In addition to that there is also a new mode selector for the type of practice that the user wants: known-to-learning, learning-to-known our dual direction / mixed mode.  

In the future I will also implement sound-only to known, which trains the ability to understand spoken language, which is not the same as reading. But I cannot do that yet since the kvtml format doesn't support enough ways to keep the training status (grades).

For this review, I would prefer higher-level comments. I will find all trailing spaces and undone FIXME's myself and fix them before the next time around.

So, the questions then:

1. What shall we call the setting for the new mode in the settings file? Right now I call it TrainingMode2 which we obviously need to change.

2. How can we improve the visual layout of the training settings? The new mode selector is separated from the other settings by a qwidget which keeps conjugation settings. But this widget is only visible when the conjugation training mode is chosen.  Perhaps we can make the widget not shown when other modes are active?  Or shall we move the new mode setting somewhere else?

Feedback is most welcome.


  src/statistics/statisticsmainwindow.cpp 24d23bf 
  src/statistics/statisticsmainwindow.ui 2426fd7 
  src/statistics/statisticsmainwindow.h 9cbce05 
  src/settings/parley.kcfg c831b13 
  src/practice/writtenbackendmode.h 86138be 
  src/practice/writtenbackendmode.cpp 2b3bc9b 
  src/practice/testentry.cpp 9f6b8db 
  src/practice/sessionmanagerfixed.cpp 18a11a3 
  src/practice/testentry.h e779075 
  src/practice/sessionmanagerbase.cpp 69a1a7d 
  src/practice/sessionmanagerbase.h 8066279 
  src/practice/genderbackendmode.h bf0bf47 
  src/practice/flashcardbackendmode.cpp dc0e8e6 
  src/practice/practicesummarycomponent.cpp bca5b94 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.cpp 8ae77b5 
  src/practice/practicestatemachine.h e1dbc5c 
  src/practice/practiceoptions.cpp e7ff9aa 
  src/practice/practicemainwindow.cpp 9be490e 
  src/practice/practiceoptions.h b5a1cf7 
  src/practice/multiplechoicebackendmode.cpp e2c5132 
  src/practice/multiplechoicebackendmode.h 5ee9249 
  src/practice/genderbackendmode.cpp 997f400 
  src/practice/flashcardbackendmode.h 32f43d2 
  src/practice/examplesentencebackendmode.cpp 1caa3f6 
  src/practice/examplesentencebackendmode.h 10d9e72 
  src/practice/entryfilter.cpp 7a0e759 
  src/practice/entryfilter.h c1fd843 
  src/practice/conjugationbackendmode.cpp 749fb33 
  src/practice/conjugationbackendmode.h 91da66d 
  src/practice/comparisonbackendmode.cpp 2bc1c50 
  src/practice/comparisonbackendmode.h deeeb28 
  src/practice/abstractbackendmode.cpp 9a08575 
  src/practice/abstractbackendmode.h 10e9162 
  src/practice/CLASSES 941f801 
  src/parleymainwindow.cpp 74ff823 
  src/CMakeLists.txt fb29bc6 



Tested with flashcards.  More testing is also very welcome, especially by people who know how conjugation, comparition and gender training works.


Inge Wallin

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