Exercises in basque language for Ktouch

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Mon Sep 30 08:20:40 UTC 2013

Hi Alexander,

> My name is Alexander Gabilondo and took several years teaching typing
> with Ktouch.  It is very good; thank you very much.
> I live in the Basque Country where we use the basque language. I have
> created an xml file with exercises in basque that meets the advice given
> by Akademy. I would like, if it's possible, someone from the active
> developer team to put this file into Lecture directory of Ktouch in a
> subdirectory called Basque.

thank you very much for your efforts. New course material for KTouch is always  
appreciated and your course looks pretty solid :-)

It seems you are still using KTouch version 1.x which has been superseded by 
version 2.1 by now. The new version has new file format for courses. This no 
problem at all, the conversion to the new file format is straightforward and I 
can do it for you. I just have to know the name of the keyboard layout you are 
using to type Basque. Can you please tell me that?

I also recommend updating to the current version if possible, since it has 
much improved authoring tools in comparison to the old version. 

Some of your lessons use characters which only introduced in later lessons. 
This kind of mistake is really easy to find with the course editor of the new 

One more suggestion to further improve the quality of your course: You are 
only using the "New Characters" field in your lesson, but you should also give 
each lesson a title ("Lesson Comment"). In your final lessons you are misusing 
the "New Characters" field: the information you provide there looks indeed 
like titles and should be entered as such. Leave "New Characters" empty if 
there are no new characters introduced in a lesson.

I would be really nice if you could take of the problems mentioned above. I 
really can't do it myself since don't know any Basque.

Best regards,


[0]: http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdeedu/ktouch/extending.html#quality_checks

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