Review Request 113484: Don't crash when downloading .tar.7z files with KNS

José Manuel Santamaría Lema panfaust at
Mon Oct 28 19:32:54 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Repository: parley



I got crash when I tried to download and install *.tar.7z file from KNS, specifically this one:

If I just download it manually, uncompress the *.tar.7z file and feed the kvtml file into parley it doesn't crash.

There are 2 separate problems involved here:
1) KNS doesn't work with *.tar.7z files.
2) Even if the the file format of the file downloaded from KNS isn't recognized for now, parley shouldn't crash.

The patch in this reviewboard is intended to fix the problem 2) and it was made with help from Aleix Pol (thanks!).

Just in case you are curious about the problem 1) - the related code from kdelibs is the following:

* knewstuff/knewstuff3/core/installation.cpp - function Installation::installDownloadedFileAndUncompress
Here ? knewstuff tries to use KTar to deal with the downloaded file.

* files under kdecore/compression/*
Here ? is kfilterdev, if I'm not mistaken this is what KTar uses to deal with files compressed gz,bzip,etc. The thing is: there is no filter for *.7z files, so that's why they can't work in KNS right now.


  src/parleydocument.cpp ceb5db2 



I have opened various local files and some others from GHNS, it seems the patch works for me.


José Manuel  Santamaría Lema

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