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Sun Oct 27 20:15:12 UTC 2013

On Saturday 26. October 2013 18.15.53 Andreas Cord-Landwehr wrote:
> Hi, today at the Edu sprint we came up with the question about
> what the long-term plan for vocabulary training applications in KDE
> Edu should be. As far as we know, currently we have KWordQuiz
> and Parley, which solve very similar needs (at least from our high
> level view). So it would be great, if you could help us understand
> better why we have two different applications (which allows better
> advertisement of their specific qualities) or whether it could be a
> goal to switch to only one application in the future...
> From the people currently here in La Coruña, unfortunatley
> nobody can remember the specific arguments what lead to having
> two applications. So it would be great if you could help us
> remember :)

Hi, I hope you're having a great sprint!

>From my point of view there was simply the argument that Parley's UI is targeted at 
more advanced self learners and KWQ aims to be nice and simple.

I agree that the question is valid and that it is not very sensible resource wise, as I 
consider at least Parley unmaintained and I guess KWQ is not faring much better. For 
Parley the aim was to get a nice welcome screen (it's partially there) so that you 
don't see the editor first but can start practicing right away. But there are still many 
low hanging fruits (polish the UI, conjugations, ...).

(I will not manage to spend time on Parley any time soon because I have too many 
other things going on, when I have time left over I try to work on making accessibility 
in KDE work sensibly, so I'll not get active with Parley again)


> Greetings,
> Andreas

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