Finding Boost-Python using CMake in Kig

David Narvaez david.narvaez at
Sun Mar 17 08:13:05 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Recently, we had a report in this list about an Ubuntu user whose
distro package for Kig didn't have Python scripting support[0]. That
eventually went to Ubuntu's bug tracker[1] but nobody has taken a look
yet. I have been investigating about it, and first tried checking for
the status in Gentoo, which is my distro - since, as I reported in
[0], I thought I had already seen issues in finding Boost-Python. I
noticed Gentoo had special patches to enble Boost+Python[2] because
the provided one didn't work, and the Gentoo patch looks way more
standard that what we have now, so I was wondering if I could merge
that patch upstream and be done with this issue (apparently, the build
would automagically work in Ubuntu next time they package Kig since it
is meant to have Python support); how would that look like in other

David E. Narváez


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