KDE Edu BoFs at Akademy

Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at kde.org
Wed Jun 26 06:14:05 UTC 2013

Hey, the BoF call for Akademy 2013 is just out! And I think I would like to 
have some Edu related BoFs. This is a list 45min BoFs that I would like to 
have. The first one Oindrila and me will organize for sure, the other ones I 
can take care for adding them to the Wiki if there is interest:

1. Artikulate: For our small upcoming pronunciation learning application 
Oindrila (who is working on it at her GSoC) and me will organize a BoF where 
we want to
* explain WHO you can help us HOW in getting recordings from native speakers
* how Artikulate is planned to work and where we currently are
* and maybe have some discussion about what are the "right" accents for 
specific languages :)

2. Persona for Language Learning: While working on Artikulate I often came to 
the point where I wondered what the audience for this language learning 
software is. I think that it would be helpful to discuss this in a slightly 
broader scope, i.e., who do we expect using our language learning software. 
Currently, I am preparing a draft that defines two typical users (personas in 
modern speaking). If there is interest, I would also like to organize a BoF to 
talk about that with the scope of personas for all our Language Learning Edu 

3. A general Edu BoF: Probably there will be some Edu people at Akademy, so 
why not use that chance and get together :) Looking at the notes from the last 
year's BoF I still can find topics that could be interesting to discuss:
* Edu on Windows/other platforms
* attracting teachers
* where do we are/where are we going to
* missing apps
* providing Edu libs for others (I had a short chat some time ago with ingwa 
who wanted to use formula rendering from libkdeedu in Calligra; maybe there 
are also other libs)

Please let me know if you are interested. I would like to have the BoFs either 
at Tuesday afternoon or at Wednesday. (Unfortunately I already have to leave 
at Thursday)


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