Meeting for discussing the state of the Khipu

Punit Mehta punit9462 at
Mon Jun 17 17:32:41 UTC 2013

Hi all .. :)

                      I am a Google Summer of Code - 2013 student and I am
working on the application khipu (Advance Mathematical Function Plotter and
also a replacement for Kmplot ) with my mentor Antonio Larrosa and also
Aleix Pol. My project is to polish the application and  make it releasable
at the end of GSoC. I have implemented some of the features mentioned in my
proposal and also we have been testing the application from many months.
So, we think this is the right time to discuss the state of the project and
some future plans for the application. For that , we have planned to
arrange a meeting on #kde-edu on 18th June , 2013 at 3:30 PM (CEST) or 1.30
PM (UTC). So , we heartily invite you all to join the channel at the
mentioned time and give your precious feedback on what lacks in the
application for its first release and on which features we should focus
more ! :)

                       Thanks in advance.... Hope to see you there :)

Punit Mehta
[ IRC-nick:punit9462 ]
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