Review Request 110086: Solved the problem with the filter support using drop-down menu in Khipu

Punit Mehta punit9461 at
Mon Jun 17 13:14:26 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDE Edu, Aleix Pol Gonzalez and Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuasi.


Solved the issue of filter by dimension.. Now, plots can be easily differenciated by using DimALL,Dim2D,Dim3D in the drop-down menu. I am working for the text edit part , now...! 


  src/dashboard.h a2a9c46 
  src/dashboard.cpp 688a49d 
  src/filter.h 80085f3 
  src/filter.cpp 16b6b8e 
  src/mainwindow.cpp 9d6e010 



Done..! Worked perfectly for the drop-down box.! 


Punit Mehta

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